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How to..Create apps/shopping cart for Iphones

Take a look at and a new one,


How to..Install curl when using wamp

Click the WAMP icon in task tray, then go to PHP > PHP Extensions > php_curl. Then restart apache.


How to..Determine Server Root Path for domain

To find out the full (and correct) pathway to the root of your domain do this:

1. Create a new text document on your desktop and name it cwd.php. Ignore the warning about changing the file type.

2. Put this code into it:

< ?php
$p = getcwd();
echo $p;

3. Upload it to the root of your domain via FTP.

4. Go to via your browser and printed on the screen will be the full pathway to the root of your domain.

5. Write down that pathway and then delete the cwd.php file from your hosting.


How to View web pages in Small Screen using Opera 11

Useful if you wish to check your web pages for mobile phone appearance
Opera 11 for Windows: View -> Developer Tools -> Page Information -> View button -> Small Screen.
Note this does not set User-Agents so sites will probably not detect that you are in “mobile” mode


How to ..install Tomb Raider 3 on Windows 7

Create new folder in C: named Core Design 3
Insert ORIGINAL TR3 disk and navigate to setup.exe
Do NOT use auto install then
download and install AWE 64 & TR3 Update sound patch
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Start program by using link C:\Core Design 3\tomb3.exe
Tested this method successfully on Windows 7 home edition 64 bit

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