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Beef and Ale Pie

This beef and ale pie gave me nightmares last night but its worth it.
Dead easy to make but superb tucker !

Put into a saucepan a handfull of pea’s and one finely chopped carrot.
Chuck in a whole tin of French onion soup (a good one like Baxters)
and then a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale. Guimness is too heavy in taste.
Cover and heat through at 200 for about an hour.
Then put in the stewing beef,has to be the best, tenderest,
darkest meet you can get so forget the supermarket and go to the butcher.
Trim off any fat but do not brown the meat.
Put it in the liquid and simmer at 150 for up to 2 hours.
I don’t see the point in making pastry so get a whole block of the Jus Rol
puff pastry (they come in blocks of two) and roll it out, not too flat though.
Spoon the beef and carrotts with some of the liquid into a deep-ish pie dish.
Put on the pastry (cut two slits in the top) and then cook it for another 25 mins on 200
preferably with the fan oven.
Remember to brush egg on it but keep an eye on it - it burns easily.
Then, leave to stand for 30 mins.
The pie will be very hot and this allows the beef to soak up the liquid as it cools.
Serve with veg - or if you are a slob like me, chips !

There will be a fair bit of liquid left, freeze it and keep it for gravy for the Sunday roast.
Found at Terry Wogan’s TOG Site i.e. Togs

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